MindSkills Workouts

Inspirational 90 Minute Bite-Size Learning, Skills and Behaviour Change Events

MindSkills Workouts are inspirational 90 minute bite-size face-to-face learning, skills and behaviour change events. These easily digestible learning chunks are available in more than 70 different behavioural topics, skills and competencies. Presented in group coaching sessions delivering many times the impact, in far less time, at a fraction of the cost of conventional training, learning and development.

Designed to be short, succinct, punchy and fun. These fresh self-contained Workouts are ideal for short-attention span executives, managers and employees keen to improve their performance, results and productivity. Or quickly close competencies or personal development plan gaps, and yet only be away from their desks for the least amount of time.

Inspirational Topics

Capabilities range from; motivation to personal impact, influencing and persuading, bright sparks, decision-making, 'hero's journey,' empathy, learning from mistakes, and so on. See the full listing of more than 70 topic and brief descriptions, together with a few suggested Workout topics that dovetail, match or align with different competencies framework needs or organisational initiatives.

Compressing a Typical One-Day Conventional Training into 90 Minutes

Drawing on the latest advances in human capital development we have successfully compressed typical one-day (or more!) conventional trainings into sharply focused, yet entertaining and highly effective, practical 90 minute mental Workout. Designed to deliver quick, effective, measurable and sustainable results.

All Workout topics are available in two presentation formats EXECUTIVE/lecture for groups up to 12 people, and STAFF/participative for groups of up to 25 people, to satisfy different audience learning preferences. Events are held at the organisations own offices, premises, factory or designated off-site venue.

More Skills, Learning and Behaviour Change in Less Time

  • 10 year proven track record delivering measurable executive and employee behaviour changes as applied immediately in the workplace
  • Draws on latest advances in behavioural modelling, psychology research and accelerated learning
  • Can dovetail quickly and easily into new or existing competencies frameworks and organisational initiatives
  • Huge time and cost savings compared with conventional training, learning and development

If one of our standard Workouts does not meet fully your requirements, or you want the event to run for a longer period, we offer a customised service. By redefining the working breakfast/lunch seriously time constrained executives and staff can now attend a pre-work breakfast, over lunch or even an end-of-day/cocktail hour learning session.

Details of our highly competitive fees, discounts and conditions are available together with brief profiles of our coaches.

Becoming a Coach

If you are interested in acquiring the latest 'next generation' psychological skills and knowledge to become a MindSkills Workout coach there are Academy programmes for individuals and for individuals in organisations interested in running their own licenced events.

Executive One-on-One Coaching

Is available for all topics for top, senior and high-potential executives with a specific need for an individual approach.

We are confident these unique bite-size 90 Min MindSkills Workouts will exceed your expectations. Besides the very significant business performance, cost savings and competitive edge benefits to your firm. They aim to fulfil peoples potential, improve their performance, advance their careers, and enrich their work and life. We look forward to talking with you very soon.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.
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