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There are two programmes (Silver and Gold) and four different tracks tailored to satisfy different needs. Each comprising four distinct but closely interrelated services. Your personal master coach and mentor for the entire programme is David Norman. David has a 12 year proven track record personally coaching many hundreds of senior and top executives face-to-face, by telephone/email and delivering group coaching events.


  1. Regular Monthly tele/video-coaching/Mentoring - The track you choose comprises 12 off monthly 30 minute scheduled telephone sessions on specific programme topics with master coach David Norman personally each month. A different pre-selected in-depth topic is worked on each month that applies directly to your very specific career aspirations, job challenges and business culture. Your programme will begin with an additional 30 min introduction ‘skills-builder’ session allowing you to dovetail quickly and effortlessly into your chosen programme schedule.
  2. Unlimited Access - Instant ad hoc access by telephone or email to discuss, review or advise any urgent or pressing issue, problem or concern. Schedule appointment with master coach David Norman - no restriction on time or number of calls.
  3. Conference Calls - once monthly, pre-scheduled tele-conference discussion (begins January 2008) topics facilitated by master coach David Norman.

FREE COACHING - Book a complimentary 30 minute no-obligation tele/video-coaching/mentoring ‘taster appointment NOW’.

The services provided for each track are identical in all respects with one exception. The SILVER Programme consists of three tracks (A, B and C) each with pre-selected monthly coaching topics making it an ideal choice if you have a reasonable idea of your personal performance, skills, learning and development preferences. The GOLD Programme track (D) is for members who want to fully customise tailor their track by selecting and sequencing all their own topics on their own or in consultation/discussion with David Norman.

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