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Raise your game and steal an edge on your competitors. Designed as high impact, inspirational and practical 12 month accelerated people, soft and self-development skills career growth pathways for corporate and independent directors, managers and professionals. There are two programmes (Silver and Gold) and four different personalised tele/video-coaching/mentoring track options (A, B, C and D) tailored to satisfy different needs. Simply choose just one track:

  • Track A: The Inspired Communicator
  • Track B: The Effective Manager/Professional
  • Track C: The Strategic Leader
  • Track D: The Fast-Track Executive


  1. Regular Monthly tele/video-coaching/Mentoring - The track you choose comprises 12 off monthly 30 minute scheduled telephone or video phone sessions on specific pre-selected programme modules.
  2. Unlimited Access - Instant ad hoc access by telephone or email to discuss, review or advise any urgent or pressing issue, problem or concern.
  3. Conference Calls - once monthly, pre-scheduled tele-conference discussion (begins March 2008) topics.
  4. Workshops - 3 half-day in-person events (March, June and Oct 2008) during the year at the IoD in London.

For full details of programme track services click here.

FREE COACHING - Book a complimentary 30 minute no-obligation tele/video-coaching/mentoring ‘taster’ NOW.

FREE BONUS when you sign up within 14 days of membership offer, you are entitled to - 1 x 30 min EXTRA session on a personal, relationship or sports issue, blockage or problem.



Track A. The Inspired Communicator
This track is ideally suited to people who specifically want to become a more influential and persuasive communicator. Some of the topics covered include: applying the power of language, building rapport and trust quickly, achieving challenging goals, changing perspectives to understand others better, reading body language, boosting confidence, managing pressure and stressful situations, mastering emotions and moods, learning new behaviours quickly, delivering great presentations and building a more imposing stature and presence. For module listing click here.

Track B. The Effective Manager/Professional
Especially relevant for those who aspire to become a far better manager or want to sharpen their capability as a professional. Some of the topics covered include: making better quality decisions, creating a more imposing presence, more effective delegation, achieving stretch goals, taking others perspective, managing upwards, giving good feedback, managing pressure and stress, mastering your feelings and emotions, learning faster, building key relationships whilst aligning and living your values. For module listing click here.

Track C. The Strategic Leader
Designed specifically for executives who have the ambition and desire to become an inspired and dynamic leader. Some of the topics covered include: building gravitas and stature, understanding power, being more politically astute, creating empowering big picture visions, intensifying motivation, strengthening decision making, handling pressure and stress, enhancing team-spirit, aligning and living your values, accelerating learning, maintaining goal focus, mastering feelings and emotions and managing change in uncertain times. For module listing click here.


Track D. The Fast-track Executive
Member to choose all 12 monthly module topics from the 40 currently available. See track module topics.

Your personal master coach and mentor for all programmes, tracks and services is David Norman.

Committed to your accelerated personal, professional and career development, learning and transformation.


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