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A New Executive Coaching OR In-Company Half-Day Workshop Programme for Business (1/09)

How to ‘Recession Proof’ Your MINDSET

Change endemic pessimism into pragmatic and realistic optimism. By turning unrelenting: negativity, gloom, helplessness, despondency, worry, stress, uncertainty, anxiety and fear, into effortlessly feeling more: upbeat, motivated, calm, confident, rational, energised, sanguine, focused and positive.

Are you a Pessimist, Optimist or Balanced?
By changing the way you think will change the way you act. This accelerated breakthrough single-session 121 individual coaching or team/small group in-company workshop programme is specifically designed to ensure you cope better no matter how uncertain, challenging or difficult the environment gets. Quickly building mental toughness, psychological resolve and emotional resilience will give you more control, confidence, hope and choices over managing the challenges that lie ahead to achieve better results, higher performance and sustained success (and improved wellbeing!).

  • BUSINESS "Optimism is the CURE for the downturn. Pessimism is the most serious CAUSE for the global economic tsunami AND has an uncanny knack of being self-fulfilling. No wonder almost every quoted share in the world has gone down significantly. Even the most solid companies have traded down considerably - a barometer of our general pessimism." Sir David Tang, Entrepreneur. BBC. Dec 2008.
  • CHANGE "Anyone can acquire a positive mindset even when the future looks uncertain. It’s just a matter of CHANGING the way you think. Mindset is all." John Naish. The Times. Jan 2009.
  • SUCCESS - "Research shows when times get tough, OPTIMISTS do better than pessimists they SUCCEED better at work, RESPOND better to stress, suffer FEWER depressive episodes and ACHIEVE more personal goals." Learned Optimism. Prof. Martin Seligman. 2004.
  • SALES - "The most OPTIMISTIC salesmen typically sell TWO TIMES more than the most pessimistic salesmen (who are also TWICE as likely to quit in their first year)." Insurance salesmen at Metropolitan Life.
  • HEALTH - "In a study of 660 volunteers THINKING POSITIVELY adds an average of 7.5 years to your life." Dr Becca Levy. Yale University.

Some people prefer to first look for difficulties; problems and dangers whereas others consider the challenges they face as opportunities, offer hope and empowerment. What is your preference? What are the secrets of success? And what are the implications for your job, career, relationships and business especially in the current economic climate?

Worse and best case people
Worse case people are the ‘skeptics’ who dwell on problems and typically their mindset perceives life as being: dark, helpless, blaming, apprehensive, flawed and hopeless. Seligman calls it ‘learned helplessness’. Best case people rely on compelling dreams and values to pull them forward whilst anticipating that things will turn out all right despite frustration and setbacks.

Avoiding extremes
Each has its own weaknesses and strengths and when taken to extremes it can create severe limitations. Over-optimistic or ‘rose-coloured spectacles’ people can live an illusion finding it difficult if not impossible to deal with negativity directly. Over-pessimism can be pervasive and even permanent allowing past emotionally damaging, hurtful or evil events taint everything in their life.

What you will learn

  • Understand how different ways of thinking and communicating directly influences results
  • Be able to change limiting beliefs that prevent feeling more optimistic
  • Diminish or remove negative emotions (fear, anxiety, worry) that block optimism
  • Experience less stress, anxiety and worry and be more calm, energised and upbeat
  • Have a clear mind to make focused, motivational and rational decisions
  • Develop the mental resolve and emotional resilience to resourcefully handle all news however bad

You will also discover step-by-step how the concept of ‘self-fulfilling prophesies’ or the ‘glass half full or empty’ perspective will enable you to have more resilient mental, psychological and emotional control so you can make practical step-changes contributing to career success, better relationships and more effective communications.

Available as coaching or in-company workshop This timely, fresh and flexible skills programme format can be customised and adapted to suit your specific organisational needs (Roadmap ‘Cluster’ of MindSkills Techniques).

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