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Inspirational Presentations

How to develop the advanced communications skills for presentations, speeches and talks that have impact, are motivational and persuasive

No matter what you do in business, your career or life the ability to speak powerfully and clearly will always be of benefit. This model is a structured, highly developed and practical format based on some the world’s most eloquent presenters, trainers and speakers. Fully customised this ‘public speaking’ coaching will enable you to develop the charisma, poise and grace needed to get sceptics to be enthusiastic, and persuade groups to change their minds, beliefs and even behaviour.

You will learn:

  • How to banish stage freight and performance anxiety
  • How to maintain an ideal ‘presenter state’ calm, balanced and centred
  • How to quickly and easily build rapport with audiences of any size
  • How to give feedback that really works
  • How to structure your presentation so that it fits everyone’s learning style
  • How to use specific gestures and postures to increase impact and flexibility
  • How to handle difficult audiences, questions and hecklers
  • How to entertain an audience and add fun
  • How to use stories, metaphors and analogies to get your message across
  • How to maintain and manage the energy in the room
  • How to increase you personal gravitas, magnetism and stature

Just suppose for a moment that you are doing the biggest and most important presentation of your life, you look out at the audience and sense that they are totally with you. You feel calm, balanced and completely in control. You have fun presenting your material and after receiving your well-deserved applause several people approach you and tell you what a great presentation it was. Now consider what ‘inspirational presentation’ skills coaching can do for you?

Your Presenting Skills Coach

David Norman is an executive master coach, trainer and author. He has 15 years experience coaching hundreds of senior and top executives in blue chip and other firms across many different economic sectors. He has many years previous experience as a business strategy consultant. His current work is focused on: leadership development, communications and change management. He holds a BCom degree with triple majors in economics, management science and organisational psychology, is a chartered engineer and MIET, and is a certified trainer and master practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming). He has published a book on high performance coaching.


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