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Private Coaching
Advanced Human Change Technologies for Individuals

How To Create The Life You Want And Deserve

Learn the secrets of how to effortlessly resolve personal problems, remove bad habits and change the quality of your life (even in a downturn) to be more happy, fulfilled, balanced and successful at work, in relationships and at home

What if you could change the quality of your life. Quickly, safely and effectively. You can and here’s how - By eliminating bad habits, reducing stress, anxiety and worry, overcoming shortcomings, removing emotional blocks, changing behaviours that hold you back, neutralising harmful beliefs and changing distressing memories for a start. Then for example: boosting self-confidence and self-esteem, making better decisions, having more energy, being more assertive, strengthening motivation, getting over sadness and grief, moving on from bad relationships, and feeling more positive, optimistic and better about yourself.

Getting on the fast-track In fulfilling your true potential would very likely involve some of the following: A. Releasing PAST issues (‘remedial’ coaching/brief psychotherapy), B. Crafting the FUTURE you want (‘generative’ coaching) and C. Living in the PRESENT (‘mindfulness’ coaching):

  1. Releasing PAST issues - When you want to make the present better than the past. Involves: 1. Freedom and liberation from past hurt, pain, failure and disappointment, and 2. Letting go and release of repressed emotions (guilt, fear, anger, sadness, etc.). For example resolving: phobias, mild depression, stage fright, PTSD, dyslexia, stammering, bereavement, difficult relationships, over-confidence, obsessive/compulsive, mistakes/failure, shyness, stress, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, performance anxiety, writers block, being ‘stuck’, separation/divorce, goal underachievement, learning difficulties, and ingrained habits.
  2. Crafting the FUTURE you want - When you want to make the future better than the present. Involves: 1. Removing anxiety and negative projections of the future, and 2. Imagining a successful, compelling and motivating future. For example boosting: motivation, goals, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-belief, self-assurance, creativity, intuition, authenticity, persuasion and influence, decision-making, concentration, learning, congruency, integrity, trust, relationships, resilience, adaptability, initiative, proactive, values, harmonious relationships, assertiveness, and life/work balance.
  3. Living in the PRESENT - When you want to be happy, fulfilled and successful. Learning to enjoy living in ‘the moment/here and now’. Enhanced awareness of your senses of seeing, hearing and feeling (calmness, centred and grounded sensations, emotions and moods).

Wheel of life As part of this step-by-step process we will review your level of current satisfaction, happiness and personal gtowth and identify and gaps: friends, money, career, wellbeing/energy, family, recreation/hobbies/sports, security and achievements/goals.

Your personal coach David Norman - Has 15 years (20,000 hrs) experience helping individuals in private practice and as an integral part of corporate executive coaching, drawing on several brief clinical psychotherapy approaches and powerful coaching models to quickly and safely resolve deeply personal, relationship, motivation and career issues. He holds a BCom degree major in psychology, and psychotherapist and coaching certifications of: Ericksonian master practitioner, master hypnotherapist, TimeLine Therapy master practitioner, as well as a trainer, master practitioner (2X) and practitioner of NLP (neurolinguistic programming).

How it Works Firstly contact David Norman directly for an informal confidential ‘no-obligation’ free chat about your specific problems, issues or concerns. If it’s a small matter he may help you resolve it there and then for no fee. Otherwise he will write a brief proposal outlining the issue/s and way forward. Because he uses advanced methods many issues can be fully resolved in just a few hours. Private coaching is available 24/7 worldwide by normal landline or ideally video Skype and email support.

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