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Learn more ‘high impact soft skills for hard business results’ in 90 mins than in a whole day

MindSkills Workouts Additional 50 Topics

Inspirational 90 Minute Bite-Size Learning, Skills and Behaviour Change Events

50 module topics are in the pipeline in advanced stages of development and can be presented with a minimum of 5 to 7 days advance notice anywhere in the UK/Europe.

  1. Communications
    • Great Feedback - ways for motivating and challenging people to raise their performance
    • Frames - framing and reframing expands control and separates intention from behaviour
    • Listening and Questioning - understanding and using high-impact language
    • Learning Styles - align talks, group work and workshops with optimal learning modes
    • Compelling Presentations - boosting confidence, impact and inspiration

  2. Business Relationships
    • Managing Upwards - cementing relationships and building strong alliances that matter
    • Assertiveness - saying what you want with conviction and feeling OK about it
    • Empathy - understanding others point of view by changing perspectives
    • Difficult People - working harmoniously with people who think and act insensitively or differently to you
    • Saying NO - avoiding overload by feeling comfortable about turning down requests
    • Negotiation - sharpening the ability to secure favourable win/win outcomes
    • Names and Faces - improve your memory for putting names to faces and remembering them with ease
    • Patience - when impatience works against you, being patient can often deliver better results
    • Networking - raising your profile by identifying, building and nurturing key relationships
    • Team Spirit - high-performance methods for improving collaboration, focus and results

  3. Career Growth and Success
    • Sharper Thinking - exploring the language of the mind (and body) to enhance communications, relationships and change
    • Persistence and Resilience - how to get going when the going gets tough
    • Personal Impact - developing an empowering authentic self-image to project and raise your profile
    • Time Prioritisation - aligning task urgency and importance with an optimal timeline to boost productivity
    • Overcoming Set-Backs - how to deal with failure, rejection and disappointment and get on with life
    • Fulfilling Potential - closing key performance gaps needed for career, relationships and life success
    • Mission - imagining and experiencing (in your mind!) a compelling blueprint for your career/life
    • Career Crossroads - clarifying options for making the best decision and choice

  4. Performance and Results
    • Attitude - positive thinking, wanting to win and a ‘can do’ outlook on work and life
    • Flow - avoid boredom and frustration by being in the zone, groove or in-the-moment
    • Peak Performance - infectious enthusiasm, energy and passion
    • Shifting Mindsets - moving out of the typical ‘comfort zone’ problem frame into the space for solutions
    • Changing Beliefs - limiting beliefs are not true, but plausible, though people act as if true
    • Thinking Preference - filtering attention in different ways alters results, performance and behaviour
    • Hero’s Journey - a valuable road map for navigating personal growth and life changes

  5. Leadership
    • Managing Change - approaching demanding challenges in the face of accelerating change and uncertainty with confidence
    • Drive and Ambition - aligning a compelling vision of success with the resources required to overcome obstacles
    • Managing Underperformance - elegant ways of dealing with a difficult and unpopular task
    • Story-Telling - using metaphors, parables and fables to inspire, engage and transform
    • ‘Life Well-Lived’ - valuable approach to intentionally living an enriched, fulfilling and happy life

  6. Creativity and Innovation
    • Bright Sparks - using your imagination more creatively to stimulate and dream up new ideas
    • Visual Mapping - practical group brainstorming method for idea generation, clustering and prioritising

  7. Pressure, Stress and Wellness
    • Relaxation - proven mental and breathing techniques for calming, centering and balance
    • Business Meditation - quietening and focusing the mind for concentration, creativity and learning
    • Reenergising - harnessing and directionalising energy flow to thrive in today’s frantic world
    • Defusing Anger - a fast and lasting method for changing negative emotions into controlled calm

  8. Overcoming Career Limitations/Derailers
    • Responding to Criticism - remaining resourceful and respectful, and learning from it
    • Learning from Mistakes - simply modify thinking and behaviour to avoid repeating mistakes
    • Overcoming Stage Fright - especially for presenting up-the-organisation and to unfamiliar groups
    • Kicking a Bad Habit - replacing problem behaviour with a new pattern that works and sticks

  9. Specialist
    • Selling Excellence - boost sales by sharpening goal clarity, self-belief and persistence
    • Customer Care - improving service quality through better understanding of others points of view and responding appropriately

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