Keynote Briefings

Change a Life. Change the World.

The next revolution won’t be in technology . . . Already here, it is about dramatic step-change improvements in executive leadership, director and talent development, performance and results, by shifting mindsets, breaking habits, changing behaviour, fulfilling (and beyond!) potential and expanding horizons.

Presented by: David Norman

This unique series of motivating, inspirational and entertaining short (45 mins to 2 hrs), talks focus on a range of practical topics that are mostly 'very soft skills for very HARD results.' The ideas and trends presented, are highly topical, exciting and challenging designed to reshape mindsets, expand horizons and fulfil potential.

  1. Unlocking Your True Potential
    How to speed-up personal and professional development to get the results
    you want in your job, career, relationships, sport and life itself
  2. Inspirational Leadership
    The essential core performance, strategic and transformational competencies for future corporate success.
  3. Successful Goal Achievement
    How to set, maintain focus & motivation to achieve challenging goals in a rapidly changing environment
  4. High-Performance Executive Coaching
    How to achieve breakthrough business results in less time.
  5. Language at Work
    How to enhance your powers of influence and persuasion.
  6. Golf is Good for Business
    Golf as a metaphor for understanding and communicating with people and learning the lessons of business and life.
  7. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) in Business
    A model of excellence in communications, leadership and change.
  8. Training Strategies for Tomorrow, Today
    Introducing a radical, yet proven and measurable, breakthrough approach to compressing the learning curve. Reducing training time and costs, and dramatically improving workplace skills transfer and effectiveness.

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