Pathways to Accelerated Mastery in Asset Management Excellence

Professional Investor Behaviour Psychology Coaching

This Unique Development Coaching is Sharply Focused on Enhancing Fund Manager Performance . . .

  • Psychological techniques - will enable investors to trade totally independent of the emotions of excitement, anger, anxiety, greed, hope, pain, doubt, obsession, compulsiveness, apprehension, euphoria, inadequacy, guilt, humiliation, embarrassment, hesitation and self-blame
  • Control, avoidance or elimination - of pressure, fear, panic, nerves, stress, despair, mild depression and potential burn-out
  • Overcome problematic behaviours - and reverse bad habits like perfectionism, decision paralysis, critical self-talk, risk intolerance, distractions, sellers remorse, complacency, overconfidence, hoarding, inhibition, ego and impulsiveness
  • Feeling comfortable - emotionally in handling both failure and success
  • Acquire behaviours - of positive self-talk, discipline, patience, conviction, cool calmness, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-belief, goal clarity, commitment, creativity, energy, intuition, agility as well as learning effectively from mistakes
  • Advanced skills - develop proven mental, visualisation and emotional capabilities that enhance trading performance, effectiveness and success
  • Concentrating and focusing - more effectively and for longer periods, and trading in the zone more frequently


Coaching Deliverables Include . . .

  • This unique programme - of accelerated trading behaviour development will assist professional investors strengthen their performance, maximise profitability and diversify risk
  • Coaching only takes a few hours - taking you away from your desk for a very short time. This is highly efficient because we have made serious investments in acquiring the advanced skills, deep knowledge and proven client experience needed for you to learn and master these powerful behavioural change methods
  • Take performance to the next level - the superior methods used will enable you to become more courageous, feel comfortable in addressing uncertainty and volatility, recover rapidly from losses, process information quickly whilst translating into action, compartmentalise losses and shift confidently and nimbly as markets reverse
  • Your competitive edge - by mastering the critical psychological, mental and emotional traits found in successful traders will give you (and your firm) a serious, sustainable and difficult to replicate competitive advantage. This service is currently available
  • Who will benefit - this unique coaching is sharply focused on enhancing the performance of individuals, teams and firms of professional equity and bond investors in the UK or Europe. Despite significant personality differences required for sustained success in commodities and futures trading, we plan to offer a similar programme to address their performance needs in the near future

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Investor Behaviour Coach - David Norman

David is a successful executive coach, writer, speaker, trainer and consultant. He has a 12 year proven track record successfully coaching directors, fund managers, analysts, IT professionals, sales specialists, HR managers, and other staff in global blue chip asset management environments. By applying advanced behavioural change, cognitive thinking, emotional management and psychological skills he helps them significantly lower the risks of failure, underperformance and burn-out to be the very best and most successful at what they do.

He has a background of corporate jobs, business strategy consulting and human capital development. He has published a book on business strategy and recently published a book on executive coaching. David has studied post-graduate advanced finance and investment management, holds a BCom degree with triple majors in psychology, business and economics, and a sub-major in accounting. Is also a chartered engineer and a certified psychotherapist. Member/Associate of the IoD, CIPD, ANLP, EHRF and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


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