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MindSkills Workouts - Learn more ‘high impact soft skills for hard business results’ in 90 mins than in a whole day

How to turn stress into calm control

Stress Busters

Surviving and thriving by being centered, tranquil and serene in an environment of relentless change, uncertainty and pressure.

This Workout will give you practical techniques designed to enable you to handle ever more demanding challenges, deadlines and change, and avoid or mitigate the effects of stress, energy loss and potential burn-out. Pretty much all the stuff we hear and read about is how to identify the sources of stress and recognise it’s characteristics. Virtually nothing about HOW to develop the capabilities and skills of dealing with it successfully.

I’m sure you are familiar with the standard legal, Health & Safety and national statistics (days lost and costs, etc.) justifications. This Workout will not be about any of this. Interesting and persuasive though some of it is. It will be about developing the practical skills for calming, centering and balance together with quietening and focusing the mind for improved concentration, creativity, learning and performance.

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