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MindSkills Workouts - Learn more ‘high impact soft skills for hard business results’ in 90 mins than in a whole day

How to become more creative and innovative

Creativity & Innovation

A step-by-step approach to thinking in ways that generate many more novel and useful ideas and solutions to business problems and challenges.

Quite simply, if you don’t have a great way of thinking about creativity (a creativity strategy involving cognitive, emotional, sensory, linguistic, spatial and behavioural dimensions), you will ALWAYS find it difficult or perhaps even impossible to use your imagination, be innovative or be creative in business. No matter how many courses you attend, or group creativity techniques (like brainstorming, mind mapping, whackpacks or force-field analysis) you learn.

The results you get are directly correlated with the quality of your strategy. In this single session you will learn step-by-step HOW to become a more lateral, creative and innovative business thinker, no matter how creative you are (or are not!) at present. Thereafter, with practice you can expect to improve your own creative intelligence, develop your imagination and stimulate and harness team creativity.


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