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How to become an effective manager as coach

Manager as Coach

An innovative approach to expanding leadership style, beyond effective directing and delegating.

Specifically ‘Leader as coach’ involves essential skills development about co-developing; goal clarity, the solution (want/future) space, self-fulfilling prophesies, reading body language, conversational change, giving effective positive feedback, and much else.

At this session you will also experience a few practical ‘how to’ steps from what pre-eminent scholar Joseph Campbell called the ‘hero’s journey’. Campbell’s notion provides a powerful road map for managing the process of personal growth and life changes, and is valuable to coaches (and leaders, directors, managers, executives and professionals as coaches) in helping their clients deal with the challenges of change. Extensive studies of epic myths and stories of every culture, spanning hero’s, historical and mythical, of all ages, cultures, religions and genders, showed deep commonalities in the sequence of events. You will personally have the opportunity to begin enjoying that journey immediately.

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