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How to create a strategic ‘big picture’ vision


How to simply and easily create in your own mind, and for everyone in your team a shared ‘helicopter view’

Uses a powerful method that works effectively for anyone who wants to create a practical, focused and empowering strategic vision of the future. Everyone can quickly learn big picture visioning, even if they think they can’t. This session will practically demonstrate that in just a few minutes how you (if you choose), or help others, to get on the path to becoming an accomplished visionary leader.

At it’s most basic level this capability will enable leaders, executives and managers at any organisational level to more fully appreciate others visions. – At an intermediate level research shows that many CEO’s in large firms (and some small for that matter) is what distinguishes the CEO from other board members. At its most sophisticated it is one characteristic that distinguishes the world’s great ‘visionary’ leaders – Carnegie, Welch, Rhodes, Napoleon and many others.

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