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How to gain more influence through power and political savvy

Power and Politics

Some practical and quick step-by-step ways on how to ethically gain greater legitimate influence in business.

Quite simply, if you don’t have good ways of thinking about activities that lead to stronger ethical political influence over key decisions you will ALWAYS find it difficult or perhaps even impossible to seriously extend your sphere of influence in business. Whilst briefly exploring lessons from modern theorists Moss Kanter, McClelland and Greene, as well as Machiavelli, Sun-tzu and von Clausewitz, this research is pragmatically focused on developing the most effective behaviours that lead to power and even more importantly HOW to acquire them.

This could include how to go about engaging in extraordinary activities, especially those that get noticed, as well as cultivating the right people. The results people get in business are directly correlated with the quality of their mental strategies. In this single session you will learn practically step-by-step HOW to become more effective in acquiring power and influence, no matter how politically inclined (or disinclined!) you are at present.

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