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How to build gravitas and a more imposing presence

Stature and Bearing

Practically learn step-by-step how to effortlessly craft an authentic and sustainable aura, posture and self-image – if you don’t already have one?

By exploring what it is, and who has this valuable, even iconic, leadership quality will give us insights into how we might learn from them. Is it restricted to elder statesmen like Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan or Margaret Thatcher? Or royalty like the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, or Blue chip CEO’s like John Harvey-Jones? Richard Branson or Jack Welch? Religious leaders like the Pope or Mother Teresa, TV personalities like Jeremy Paxman, Dan Rather or Trevor McDonald?

The thoughts and feelings that we hold as we move through the world directly influence whether we lead from a ‘centre of strength, balance and resourcefulness’ or from a ‘vacuum of weakness, doubt and disempowerment’. In this practical session of generative performance excellence in leadership everyone will have the opportunity to personally experience what it really looks, sounds and feels like to bolster their personal bearing, develop a stronger and more authentic self-image and enhance their presence or ‘way of being’.

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