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How to make better and quicker decisions


Overcoming indecision, improved risk assessment, and making higher quality decisions in less time, everytime

Decisions. Decisions. We are constantly making them. Some major. Some minor. Some we make on our own, and others in teams and groups. Which strategic project should we invest in? When shall we replace the computer system? What should be my next career move? What car to buy? What to eat in a restaurant? Some we agonise over. Others we hardly notice. That is because they are so automatic we hardly think about it. Sometimes we struggle with indecisiveness as we attempt to make a decision.

All decision-making is patterned and can be enhanced however good or bad at decision-making we may be. This up-to-the-minute in-depth work is based on solid research drawn from personally coaching and closely observing many top business leaders, practical cognitive strategy work and behavioural modelling of successful strategic decision-takers.

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