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MindSkills Workouts - Learn more ‘high impact soft skills for hard business results’ in 90 mins than in a whole day

How to boost your motivation, inspiration and drive quickly


Getting results by feeling compelled to do important things you don’t want to do

Paradoxically despite a plethora of motivational theories, many people find it difficult to get motivated them selves and energise others. That is to take action to deliver results on important tasks they donít want to do. This Workout evolves around the notion that once you have decided to do something, irrespective of context, you might as well enjoy it.

You will simply and practically learn in just 90 minutes, how to change your feelings from procrastination to a desire to work on an unattractive task, difficult activity or long-overdue project. Motivation has many applications in business for employees who may have jobs and tasks that aren’t inherently enjoyable that can be made more pleasurable. And has clear implications for rapid and effective improvements in human capital development, productivity growth and performance management.

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