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MindSkills Workouts - Learn more ‘high impact soft skills for hard business results’ in 90 mins than in a whole day

How to speed up learning new skills, behaviours and abilities

Rapid Learning

Making learning anything more effortless, thorough, enjoyable and quicker

There are several factors that enable a business executive to learn quickly and effectively. No matter whether the need is to improve or master a technical, management or people skill. Whilst learning style, context and subject are important this module will introduce delegates to a powerful naturally occurring phenomena called Deep Learning Identification (DLI).

Deep since all learning is state dependent mastery is determined by the degree of knowledge, technique and intensity used. Learning can be successfully applied universally to acquiring absolutely any skill, knowledge, behaviour or capability. From academic to vocational to a psycho-motor skill. Identification If someone can do it, anyone can learn it. It is necessary to clarify what you want to learn, identify an exemplar, role model or icon who can elegantly demonstrate the skill you wish to acquire and then integrate and align it with your own personality.

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