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How to ensure your values lead to success


Learn how to elicit, change and align corporate, director and employee values to strengthen motivation, performance and results

Many companies successfully develop corporate values lists. That’s the easy bit! The next step aligning corporate, team and employee values typically proves to be a stumbling block. This applied research project will deal with the more problematic bit. Personal values. Values are unconscious blueprints for success (and failure!) and are what seriously matters to a person. It determines; what motivates them, how they allocate their time, how upset they get when violated, how they handle conflicting values (eg. freedom and money), and why they are closely related to work attitudes, opinions, behaviour and belief systems.

This practical session will involve learning how to elicit your own values hierarchy, determine the intensity and direction of your motivation, understand how this is represented in your mind, will explain why you act the way you do, and ultimately determines the results you get. Also understand the link to changing or reinforcing attitudes, opinions, beliefs and behaviour. And finally you will learn valuable techniques for reranking, relanguaging or reshaping them to get better results, if you wish? All of this is absolutely vital to understand if your company is keen to dovetail and align employee and team values with corporate values to enhance shareholder value, performance and results.

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