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How to manage misunderstanding and disagreement

Managing Conflict

Deepening appreciation and understanding of where others are coming from by changing points of view

You can look at the world from your own reality (how would it affect me?), you can also consider it from another persons point of view (how does it affect them?), or an outside perspective as an independent observer (how would this seem to someone not involved?). People generally experience all three positions with each offering different information, insight and understanding. A person stuck in first position would tend to be narcissistic, selfish and ego-centric, someone habitually living in second position will be heavily influenced by others views and in third position a person would take a more detached view of life.

In just 90 minutes you will have the opportunity to develop greater flexibility in each position This will directly enhance your powers of understanding, influence and persuasion. A definitive characteristic of genius is being extraordinarily adept at experiencing each position in a deep manner and able to shift seamlessly between positions.


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