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How to replace your inner-critic with an inner-friend and confidant

Most people are troubled at one time or another listening to what seems like overly critical, pessimistic, harsh, negative, irrational self-talk or inner-chatter. More commonly referred to as ‘just thinking’ or ‘inner-thoughts’. Characterised as a generally unfriendly voice that blames, criticises or judges. You know: "I can’t believe you just did that", "You should know better", "I’ll never get that right", and so on.

Some voices create distance between ourselves and other’s. Our own voice is typically though not always located inside our own body and another person’s voice is often directed towards us from outside. It can be instructive to stop from time-to-time and listen carefully to our ‘thoughts’ paying careful attention to what is said, how it is said and it’s location. Making adjustments to the critical antagonist can be beneficial by simply changing the tone, the location and the words used to be more resourceful, supportive, calm, friendly and positive – more rational even? This enhanced awareness is important is so far as people typically feel more resourceful when aligned with their inner-voice and are more clear about what they think and feel, and act and behave.

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