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How to use body-language to improve communications

Body Language

Non-verbal skills for reading peoples minds, hidden agendas and personality assessment

Can you imagine how useful it would be to make better judgments of peoples real intentions, make quick predictions about their likely actions and behaviour and even make accurate assessments of behavioural competencies and personality trait’s. Not by what people say but by the manner in which they talk, breath, move and gesture?

Especially valuable in conducting interviews, coaching, meetings and negotiations with people you know well and especially people you don’t know? In this practical module you will learn what unconscious cues to pay attention to; in making personality assessments, how to spot incongruent messages (when the words spoken are mismatched by tonality and gestures), judge when someone is being untruthful, understand what crossed arms, facial expressions, head movement and a multitude of hand gestures really mean, and much more besides.

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