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How some key words can be used to influence and persuade

Influence and Persuasion

Some powerful language techniques for practical use in communicating inspiration and change

Are you able to detect the powerful, highly suggestible and yet largely unconscious, yet powerful, conversational language patterns that leading statesmen (like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair), effective advertisers and successful leaders use naturally or have been trained in? This session will uncover some of these communications ‘secrets’ and teach you a few ways how to use language more effectively to get better results. Enhanced language mastery lies at the very heart of how leaders inspire, communicate, influence themselves and persuade others, whether through talking, listening, questioning, watching, reading or writing.

We essentially communicate in two ways: Verbally, the actual words and syntax we use, and nonverbally, the way we say them - voice tonality (volume, pitch, timbre, etc.) and body-language (posture, gestures, breathing, eye movements, facial expressions, etc.). Because of time constraints this session will concentrate largely on the impact that verbal and written language patterns have on communications especially language that is vital to leaders who seek a step-change in their powers of influence, persuasion and change management.

The value of effective, high impact communications in gaining team commitment, improving staff morale, creating team-spirit, increasing sales, negotiating better deals, building customer loyalty, promoting change, chairing meetings, giving media interviews, stimulating shareholder relations, and so on, is vital.


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