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Learn more ‘high impact soft skills for hard business results’ in 90 mins than in a whole day

20 MindSkills Workouts

Inspirational 90 Minute Bite-Size Learning, Skills and Behaviour Change Events

Are easily digestible learning chunks presented face-to-face in group coaching sessions that delivers many times the impact, in far less time, at a fraction of the cost, of conventional executive learning, training and development courses or workshops.

Sharply Focused, Punchy and Fun
Designed to be short, succinct, punchy and fun, bite-size Workouts are offered in an inspirational range of 20 fully-developed and proven different behavioural topics, skills and competencies that can be presented with as little as 24 hours notice. These 90 minute self-contained modules for changing and winning are ideal for short-attention span executives, managers and employees keen to improve their performance, results and productivity, and yet only be away from their desks for the least amount of time. A further 50 topic modules are also available within five to seven days notice are in the pipeline all at an advanced development stage!

Measurable Results
Module skills range from; motivation to personal impact, emotional management, influencing and persuading, decision-making, rapport, empathy, and so on. Drawing on the latest advances in human capital development and neuro linguistic programming we have successfully compressed typical one-day (or more!) conventional trainings into tightly-targeted, yet entertaining and highly effective, practical 90 minute events – with measurable and sustainable results. Events are held at the organisation’s own offices, premises, factory or designated off-site venue.

A Powerful ‘Action Process’
There are: No boring case studies. No complicated models. No irreverent icebreakers. No incomprehensible assessments. No impractical advice. No irrelevant theory. They are however unique leading-edge events because the outmoded ‘action plan’ is replaced by a time efficient, high impact and unique ‘action process’. This time is sharply-focused on solutions NOT problems, showing NOT telling and How NOT what. Giving you precisely the results, changes and performance you need, in only 90 minutes.

More Skills, Learning and Behaviour Change in Less Time

  • 15 year proven track record delivering measurable executive and employee behaviour changes applied immediately in the workplace
  • Draws on latest advances in behavioural modelling (neuro linguistic programming), psychology research and accelerated learning
  • Can dovetail quickly and easily into new or existing competencies frameworks and organisational initiatives
  • Huge time and cost savings compared with conventional training, learning and development

We are confident these unique bite-size Workouts will exceed your expectations. Besides the real business performance, cost savings and competitive edge benefits to your firm. They aim to fulfill peoples potential, improve their performance, advance their careers, and enrich their work and life. The 20 fully-developed and available off-the-shelf topic modules can be scheduled and be presented at any time, even at very short notice (eg. within 24 hours if required?) anywhere in the UK/Europe. We have an additional 50+ topics that can be presented with a minimum of 5 to 7 days advance notice anywhere in the UK/Europe. These modules are in advanced stages of development and in the pipeline based on fifteen years of successful coaching engagements with individuals and groups.

For more details of each topic module you will find from one to a maximum of three categories of supporting information and links that you can click on:

Short Article for a brief one A4 page article

Presentation for a summary PowerPoint download of the module

Book Chapter for Matt and Buzz coaching book chapter reference

20 HOT TOPICS – available immediately

  1. Communications
    • RAPPORT - building trust by connecting with many more people, more quickly, in different situations (Code #14B)
    • INFLUENCING AND PERSUADING - the power of language in getting the performance and results you want (Code #12)
    • BODY LANGUAGE - non-verbal skills for reading peoples minds, hidden agendas and real intentions (Code #16)
    • BANISHING CRITICAL SELF-TALK - replacing your inner-critic with an inner-friend and confidant (Code #101)

  2. Business Relationships
    • DELEGATION - building trust that is resilient and robust enough to deliver consistent results (Code #13B)
    • MANAGING CONFLICT – taking different viewpoints to overcome barriers for satisfactory resolution and reconciliation (Code #15B)

  3. Career Growth and Success
    • BOOSTING SELF-CONFIDENCE - the greatest gift anyone can have, and everyone can have it!! (Code #5)
    • BOOSTING SELF-ESTEEM - stop beating yourself up and begin feeling proud and good about yourself (Code #5)
    • VALUES - aligning your unconscious blueprint of values and beliefs for success (Code #8)
    • ACCELERATED LEARNING - making learning anything more effortless, enjoyable and quicker (Code #17B)

  4. Performance and Results
    • GOAL FOCUS - setting, maintaining focus and commitment to achieve challenging goals (Code #17A)
    • MOTIVATION - getting results by feeling compelled to do the important things you don’t want to do (Code #14A)
    • DECISION MAKING - overcoming indecisiveness to make faster, lower risk and better quality decisions (Code #7)
    • EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT - mastering your moods and feelings from bad to good and good to great (Code #15A)

  5. Leadership
    • STATURE AND PRESENCE - creating gravitas with a more imposing aura, posture and self-image (Code #11)
    • POWER AND POLITICS - attain greater influence by being more politically astute (Code #10)
    • HELICOPTER VIEW - create a practical, focused and empowering strategic big picture vision (Code #3)
    • COACHING FOR MANAGERS - a powerful road map to expand your management style (Code #6)

  6. Creativity and Innovation
  7. Pressure, Stress and Wellness
    • STRESS BUSTERS - surviving and thriving as pressure builds relentlessly and things get on top of you (Code #13B)

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