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Announcing an entirely original, exciting, high-quality, hands-on in-company programme of...

The ‘Best of NLP’ Coaching Skills Master Class for Professional Coaches

A highly participative, unique and inspirational 2-day practical soft skills-transfer master class workshop with a clear and sharp focus on results, performance, learning and effective change for non-NLP coaches

This fresh, innovative and practical fast-track programme is designed for professional coaches at all levels working in firms and consultancies who have not had any, or very little, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training yet are curious and interested in the many benefits of NLP in coaching. Over the past 10+ years working with a wide variety of seasoned business executives we have painstakingly discovered what NLP techniques really work well in a corporate coaching context, and just as importantly what doesn’t. And designed and innovated many new ones specifically developed to facilitate coachee performance improvements in: human communications, team-development, motivation, change management, professional relationships, leadership skills and personal productivity.

Who Would Benefit From This Workshop
This 2-day in-company fast-track master class programme is designed to give participants new and empowering tools to add to their existing toolbox that will greatly enhance the quality, impact and effectiveness of their coaching:

  1. Corporations
    • Internal coaches providing coaching services inside large organisations + training line managers as coaches (and mentors)/creating more of a coaching culture
  2. Service Providers
    • Coaching service providers Director, VP, corporate, executive, c-level, business, leadership, life, talent, and other coaches in "non-NLP" coaching practices
    • Mainstream HR consultancies General HR, OD, change management, psychometrics and business psychology consultancies - who also offer coaching
    • Recruitment and search consultancies - who also offer coaching
    • Career and outplacement consultancies - who also offer coaching
    • Professional coaching associations, academia and coaching training companies

What You Will Learn
This tightly focused and intensive learning and development event is designed for professional "Non-NLP" coaches interested in acquiring the best and most advanced field-tested NLP tools, techniques and "patterns" that deliver faster results, better performance, more generative learning and sustained behaviour change. It will also appeal to those coaches keen to enhance their professional effectiveness, improve their competitive advantage as well as deliver even better value for their individual coachees and client organisations.

  • How to be an even more effective communicator Increased awareness, effectiveness and change when communicating with yourself and when influencing others involves all the senses what you see in your "minds-eye", hear in your "minds-ear", and feel within yourself emotionally
  • How to get on with people faster and deeper The way you say certain words and phrases and the manner in which you use your posture, gestures and breathing directly influences the speed and strength of the bonds you build with others
  • How to use more empowering language Some words have a far more profound impact on results, change and moods than others learn which ones!
  • How to set, focus and measure success against challenging goals Delivering against co-created goals, objectives or CSFs means developing and maintaining clarity as well as harnessing the resources needed to get the results everyone wants
  • How to effortlessly determine what motivates someone - Values are the unconscious blueprint for success (and failure!) that drives commitment and persistence, determines whether someone does/does not do something, how they spend their time, how they react when their highest values are challenged or violated
  • How to expand thinking for better results everyone has mental filters that determine what they notice and pay attention to having greater awareness, sensitivity and flexibility will significantly improve the quality of communications and relationships
  • How to integrate and align with existing skill-set in order to get the best out the NLP skills you will have learned and ensure they do not remain in a ‘mental compartment’ on their own but will be aligned with your existing capabilities, skills and knowledge to deliver better results, performance and change.

    ALL the skills you will learn have been applied, developed and finely honed over the past decade in thousands of hours of one-on-one intensive coaching interventions with many hundreds of top executives, senior managers and professionals working primarily in global, sophisticated, complex and competitive business environments. You will also learn how to recognise the difference between NLP that is over-hyped and oversold (snake oil!) from serious and competent practitioners with high-quality and high-levels of training, broad knowledge, deep skills and extensive practical field-tested expertise.

45/60 min executive briefings on this topic are available in-company as an invited speaker for corporate events as well as to professional associations and academic institutions. The presentation will include many practical tips, ideas and techniques for fast, effective, results and performance improvement that attendees can take away and use immediately in their business or coaching practice.

Trainer Profiles
Three highly experienced executive master coaches and trainers are available to deliver this programme. All have proven corporate backgrounds and strong academic credentials, they also have more than 10+ years experience in practically and successfully applying NLP in business, are long-established internationally certified trainers of NLP (ABNLP 1997), and have additional formal coaching, counselling and psychotherapy certifications.

  • Dr Ian Halsall
    Executive Master Coach & Trainer. PhD (Cantab), MBA, BSc.
    Certified Trainer of NLP. Certified Master Practitioner of NLP. Certified Practitioner of NLP.

    Ian is a highly experienced executive performance coach and successful NLP trainer having presented several certified practitioner and master practitioner courses. His corporate work is largely in knowledge intense and intellectually challenging business environments. Previous global corporate experience with Du Pont, Procter and Gamble, and Shell. Is a visiting fellow at Aston University lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate students in personal effectiveness. He is Principal Consultant of Generative Development Limited working part of the year in the UK and Europe, and the rest of the year working across SE Asia as Principal Consultant with Lloyd-West based in Malaysia. He speaks several languages and has published two books on NLP.
  • Glenn Moore
    Executive Master Coach & Trainer. MA, BSc, Lawyer.
    Certified Trainer of NLP. Certified Master Practitioner of NLP. Certified Practitioner of NLP.

    Glenn is a successful executive coach and personal development workshop facilitator. Before spending time to acquire new and empowering life skills he enjoyed a distinguished career as a partner in a large London City law firm specialising in commercial dispute resolution, primarily in international maritime and aviation law. From an early age he has always been fascinated by science, astronomy and metaphysics as well as self-awareness and self-development. He is an Insight Leadership graduate, has travelled extensively, and spent time in South America working with and learning from shamans. Glenn is fluent in German and Swedish. He runs a successful Executive and Private Client Life Coaching and Personal Development Training practice.
  • David Norman
    Executive Master Coach & Trainer. BCom (Hons-Management Science), BCom (Psychology/Economics), CEng, MIET, FRSA.
    Certified Trainer of NLP. Certified Master Practitioner of NLP. Certified Practitioner of NLP.

    David has a proven 15 years track record coaching many hundreds of executives in blue chip firms at all levels (from CEO’s of 3B businesses downwards), across all functional responsibilities and most economic sectors (eg. financial services, computer software, property development, etc.). He has also successfully coached some of the worlds top sports professionals. In addition David has designed and presented many in-company and open master class learning and development workshop events. His focus is on developing and innovating ever more successful approaches to delivering rapid, effective, safe, measurable and sustainable step-changes in results, performance and behaviour change. Previously he was a business strategy consultant and has held positions with CSC, IDG and Texas Instruments. He works with business executives at all levels to accelerate their career development by helping them fulfill (and even go beyond!) their natural potential. He has also published a book on applying NLP in executive coaching.

For Coaches With NLP Training
As an afterthought it occurred to us that even for those coaches with some NLP training could be interested in attending? Since it would be much more than a refresher enabling you to benefit from the extensive practical experience of trainers who have attended dozens of the very best and highest-level NLP trainings, workshops and seminars they could find in the world (mostly in the USA), read (and I mean read!) many hundreds of NLP (and other self-development, leadership, EQ, etc.) books and importantly spent more than 10 years making a measurable difference using successful tried and tested NLP interventions that really work when coaching executives in business.

A Note About "Traditional NLP" vs The "Best of NLP" Coaching Skills Master Class for Professional Coaches
Because the roots of NLP were modelled on the ‘structure of excellence’ of three ‘therapeutic wizards’ and much subsequent development followed these traditions. Unsurprisingly most NLP trainings teach these psychotherapy patterns. In our experience although truly amazing (past-directed) ‘change tools’ many have virtually none, or at best very little, application in (future-directed) corporate coaching. However there are many NLP fundamentals, techniques, patterns and skills that can be adapted and are extraordinarily valuable in coaching that’s what we teach in this programme. This will save you a lot of time, money and frustration by only learning what really matters to coaches working with leaders, directors, managers and professionals at any level in a business context.
Whilst high-quality applied NLP is dominant in our human capital development, learning and transformational work in practice we frequently draw on an eclectic confluence of global best practice models. Furthermore our advanced work has involved pioneering, innovating, developing and field-testing many new, original and unpublished, yet powerful and ‘time efficient’ personal development ‘behavioural competencies’ patterns and protocols directly applicable to business like: gravitas and stature, effective delegation, boosting motivation, dynamic priority setting, incisive decision-making, strategic ‘big picture’ visioning, leadership values, harnessing creativity, power and politics, calm resourcefulness, confident presenting, emotional flexibility and resilience, managing conflict, and many more.

In-Company Customised Events
This programme is designed as a 2-day event. Also offered are NLP standard, customised or bespoke, shorter or longer trainings, as well as intermediate and advanced level master class workshops designed to satisfy specific client needs are available. Please ask for details?

Next Steps
In the first instance please contact David Norman NOW to discuss how NLP Skills for Professional Coaches can add value to your coaching practice. Approved ABNLP Institute. Tel: +44 (0)1932 872433 or 872741
Email: DNorman.LDX@dial.pipex.com


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