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Improving golf mental fitness and ‘competitive mental toughness’

“Winning . . . demands precise shot-placement on every single hole of every single tournament . . . I feel that hitting specific shots – playing the ball to a certain place in a certain way - is 50 percent mental picture, 40 percent set-up, and 10 percent swing.”

Golf my way
Jack Nicklaus. 1974.


David Norman is a successful golf psychologist, 'competitive mental toughness' skills trainer and performance coach with a proven track record coaching some of the world's top PGA tour professional golfers.

A regular writer and panelist for Golf Monthly, has appeared on Sky TV Golf Extra, and runs popular 'mental keys to success in golf' open, club & corporate (& unique business/golf) talks and seminars for amateur players.

Competitive Mental Toughness - Improving golf mental fitness is a powerful metaphor for business performance improvement

  • Experts agree that golf is anything between 40% & 95% mental
    Diminishing returns from swing mechanics and club technology advances means the potential for developing your mind game (you only use 0.1% of your brain) is virtually unlimited! I will show you step-by-step how to harness the power of your mind to lower your scores & handicap, & play more consistently, confidently & enjoyably.
  • Get rid of mental & emotional blocks
    Banish anger, fear, doubt & frustration. Learn exciting new ideas and skills based on the mental mastery secrets of golf's greatest hero's. Practice mind game techniques drawn from positive thinking, visualisation, inner-game, muscle memory & the new mind technique of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).
  • Rehearsing 'excellence' fundamentals
    learning to trust your swing and forget mechanics, visualise shots correctly, importance of the short game, rely on feel of the greens, accept results of any shot and let go of anger and frustration, stay in the present and not worry about the outcomes.

Why improving the mental side will help your game

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  • The mental game paradox - Beyond sound fundamentals, success in golf is mental. Mostly players know about swing mechanics and technical aspects. Yet generally know very little about how to harness their mind, pictures, self-talk, feelings and emotions to play better golf.
  • What is mental (good, bad and want to change)? Confidence, negative self-talk, fear, doubt, anxiety, determination, patience, pessimism, failure, blame, concentration, nerves, aggression, yips, bad habits, swing-thoughts, calmness, temper, optimism, choking, self-esteem, persistence, anger, desire, temperament, discipline, worry, uptight, trust, trying too hard, attitude, pressure, fatigue, being at ease, etc, etc.
  • Evolution of the mental game - positive thinking, visualisation, inner-game, hypnosis, flow, muscle memory, 'in-the-zone' research, sports psychology and NLP.
  • Learn some of the mental mastery 'secrets' from golf's greatest legend's - Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Hale Irwin, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Seve Ballesteros, Nicky Price, Tiger Woods, David Duval, and others.

Going for your golfing goals - positive and sharp focus

  • How to turn negative self-talk (inner-thoughts, internal dialogue) - of 'what you are trying to avoid' into positive 'what you actually want' language, vocabulary, voices and inner-pictures to ensure success.
  • Developing a hierarchy - of goals, alignment and motivation.
  • WIN goals - Want, Imagination and Need.

Removing the bunkers in your mind - negative self-beliefs

  • How to turn negative beliefs - into positive performance.
  • Examples; "I can't . .", "I am hopeless at . .", I feel . .", " I'm no good at . .", "I am terrified by . .", "I dread . .", " I never . .".

Developing empowering feelings - a playing state of mind

  • Confidence - to trust your swing on every shot.
  • Concentration - to control emotions under pressure or during competition.
  • Consistency - to make those high stakes putts and other shots with ease.

Mental practice routines - creating the perfect round

  • How to build a robust memory bank - that eliminates bad shots and remembers good one's, and much else.

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