Sports Psychology

Golf Psychology

Sports and Golf Psychology

Most executives we have worked with have a favourite sport or hobby. Invariably they are interested in finding ways to improve their performance. Especially if it is relatively effortless, they can learn how to do it quickly, and if it shows immediate results – like the next time they play. In this work measured change is quickly noted, and practical results and feedback from direct application in the field are immediately apparent. It has been our experience that clients always get the kind of improvement they are seeking, and further, they are frequently amazed to find the immediate improvement and sustainability far exceeds their expectations. We have separated out the two areas, viz:

  • Sports Psychology
    Measured performance improvement in all amateur sports and hobbies
  • Golf Psychology
    Improving golf mental fitness and ‘competitive mental toughness’ for all playing levels (including PGA tour pro’s)

It offers powerful proof of the approach that will be used in the rapid effective behaviour change work being applied in the working environment. We have found when deliberately used as an integral part of executive coaching it can add real impeteus, interest and motivation to the assignment. To say nothing of the results performance and improvement. Whilst on its own it is a powerful demonstrator, we feel it is even more magical for clients when we provide a context shift, and take the learning back into the business situation.

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