Leader/manager as coach

Train the Internal Coach

TRAIN-THE-COACH for corporate coaches and mentors

A tailored accelerated training programme for full-time internal coaches and for those whom coaching is an important part of a job. Covering the planning, structure and delivery of focused interventions for optimum effectiveness, improvement and skills integration.

Participants will learn how to ...

  • set empowering goals
  • unblock mindsets
  • remove limiting beliefs
  • change unwanted behaviours
  • alter states
  • learn highly persuasive verbal and nonverbal language
  • discover how people make decisions, learn and are motivated

Case Study Example

Client: HR professionals, Europe. Large Private USA Multinational Food Ingredients Firm

Issue/s: Train-the-Coach Performance Coaching Skills +75% Improvement

Training time: 16 hours (2 day workshop)

Results: Overall +75%.

Client self-rating on a scale of 0 to 10.

  • Design and Delivery of Intensive Introductory Customised In-Company Rapid Skills-Transfer Development Programme (4 start to 7 end)

Please contact us directly for more details and information.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.
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