Group Coaching

GROUP COACHING for all executives

Group coaching is largely about delivering rapid effective behaviour change for all group participants. Is a practical alternative to a traditional training programme offering huge cost/benefit advantages. Delegates will learn an excellent way of doing the new behaviour and will acquire the confidence to take the first steps in enacting this new behaviour. Thereafter with practice they will quickly become competent. Measurement is taken at the start and end of the intervention, and the degree of change can be directly monitored. Feedback later is only needed as confirmation of success.

The process design and facilitation skills are critical to success however. Large scale change can be accomplished in a wide range of behavioural competencies, like; delegation, motivation, assertiveness, big picture, self-confidence, adaptability, goal focus, control, stress relief, visioning, decision-making, values alignment, etc.

Case Study Example

Client: Management Consultants. UK Subs of USA Lean Manufacturing Consulting Firm

Issue/s: Assertiveness (to Aggressive Challenges) Skills +75% Improvement

Coaching time: 16 hours (1 day workshop and 1 day individual participant coaching)

Results: Overall +75%.

Design and delivery of intensive customised in-company rapid behaviour-change learning programme.

Need to act with authority, confidence and responsibility, be effective ‘interim managers’, handle criticism resourcefully and defend their position and decisions when challenged aggressively. (2/3/4 (average 4) start to 6/7/8 (average 7) end).

Please contact us directly for more details and information.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.
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