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Leadership DynamiX (LDX) provides highly focused, tailored coaching services for business leaders, top executives, CEOs, directors, VPs, senior managers, high-potential executives and top professionals. High-performance coaching is available on a wide range of business, performance and behavioural issues that affect today's executives.

LDX are the recognised coaching experts in rapid effective behavioural change. By carefully removing mental and emotional barriers, expanding the quality of thinking, enhancing the quality of decision-making and actions, accelerating learning and development, closing competencies gaps quickly, improving performance, building leadership skills and unlocking latent potential, we have well established and proven, yet state-of-the-art coaching capabilities ready and waiting. Read about our services, a typical case study and measured performance improvement for:

Our powerfully effective work frequently starts where other people leave off. Where the 'what to do' has been specified - behavioural competencies frameworks, 360 degree feedback, assessment reports, psychometric profiles, emotional intelligence, etc. is largely in place, or where people have completed business school or executive development programmes.

Over the past decade LDX have coached hundreds of executives covering the whole spectrum of 'presenting issues, problems and challenges'. From turnaround of serious 'career at risk' under-performance to highly successful people, wanting to be even more successful! We can work successfully with ALL behavioural competencies. Our primary outcome in all coaching interventions, is quite simply, to help people achieve the results they, their managers and the organisation wants.

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