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TURNAROUND COACHING for senior and high-potential executives

To turnaround director, manager or professional underperformance in a wide range of circumstances.

For example; where an executive is highly valued and experienced yet is failing for any reason, is considered highly talented yet is stuck or stalled in the developmental fast-track. Sharply focused changework, completed in just a few hours, is guaranteed to reverse temporary or even long-term underperformance, however serious, difficult or challenging the professional, career or personal issue.

Case Study Example

Client: Senior Consultant, UK subs of US$120M Nasdaq technology consulting firm

Issue/s: Confidence in Business Critical Presentations +1000% Improvement

The ‘presenting issue’ for Robert was "a lack of confidence, nervousness, feeling inadequate, and deep fear, in making stand-up presentations, especially to unfamiliar and more senior people". In preliminary discussions with his boss this was considered a vitally important career issue for Robert personally, his current marketing and client development role, and for the company. He was naturally very anxious to resolve this issue, since he believes, quote; "this will improve my life ten fold!"

In this work together, all mental blockages, limiting beliefs and negative emotions were cleared, so that in future Robert would be able to deliver stand-up presentations, on any occasion. Doing this with complete ‘confidence to hold his own’, even when he is uncertain of his facts and knowledge. The change from ‘deep fear’ to ‘total confidence’ upon completion was immediate, measurable and proven to be sustainable even years later.

Coaching time: 7 hours (2 sessions of 3.5 hours).

Results: Overall +1000%.

Client self-rating on a scale of 0 to 10.

  • Presenting confidence +100% (0 start to 10 end)

Please contact us directly for more details and information.


Please contact us directly for more details and information.
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