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BEHAVIOUR CHANGE COACH for executives who have completed many courses

For executives that have attended several people, soft-skills, interpersonal-skills, communications-skills, leadership and change management trainings, courses and seminars, and little or nothing has changed. They understand the theory, may very well understand what they need to do or change, but can't actually do it! They know ‘what’ to do, but don’t know ‘how’ to do it. We can help them achieve the desired behaviour, attitude or habit changes needed quickly, without any theoretical explanations!

Case Study Example

Client: Marketing Research Manager (PhD, MBA), UK subs of US$50B Multinational Pharmaceutical Firm

Issue/s: Goal Clarification and Focus, and Shyness +159% Improvement

Peter is a senior manager, with high-potential (PhD and MBA) and proven experience, with blocked promotion prospects, due to a flat organisation and personality factors. Described as hardworking, highly competent in his current role, well respected and liked by his peers and staff, with high loyalty and integrity. At issue was to be considered for "a more strategic and senior role".

  • Goal Clarification and Focus - The initial work was sharply focused on developing goal clarity (if you cannot ‘imagine’ achievement – or anything else for that matter, you cannot do it), some work on self-perception (felt uncomfortable and incongruent with his perception of behaviours desirable for corporate success). To increase Peter’s probability of success goal clarity, included; specifying what he wanted (NOT what he did not want – reinforces the problem!). What Peter, and others, would experience (see, hear and feel) having accomplished this goal. Together with clearly identified resources, size and scope, time scales, and first action steps.
  • Shyness to assertive self-projection – This work was directed at expanding behavioural flexibility, from being at choice to move up and down the MBTI/Type scale from ‘shyness’ to feeling OK about ‘assertive self-projection’, in a work context. We used conversational personality profiling, various psychometric distinctions and cultural imprinting. We also used a handy generative change technique, that swaps a ‘bad’ (shyness) picture in their ‘minds eye’ for a ‘good’ one, and importantly at the same time, changes unwanted behaviours and feelings for wanted ones, as well as bolstering self-belief, esteem and confidence, whilst retaining his natural shyness characteristics. We also closed Peter’s ‘incongruency’ gap between his ‘work’ actual self-image and the desired self-image, whilst safely preserving his ‘private’ image.

Peter has now been able to look forward to fulfilment of his potential, gaining promotion (which he has achieved) and a more rewarding career.

Coaching time: 14 hours (4 sessions of 3.5 hours).

Results: Overall +159%.

Client self-rating on a scale of 0 to 10.

  • Goal clarification and focus +67% (6 start to 10 end)
  • Shyness +250% (2 start to 7 end)

Please contact us directly for more details and information.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.
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