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PERFORMANCE COACHING for senior and high-potential executives

When there’s pressure to deliver better results quickly. Or perhaps groom a key individual for a board or more senior appointment. Or maybe get a stalled, though otherwise promising, career firmly back on track.

A tried and tested blend of rapid facilitated personal change and key skills development, taking just a few hours to complete.

This could include ...

  • changing (forever) damaging habits and behaviours
  • sharpening goal focus
  • crafting a more effective leadership style
  • strengthening interpersonal and presentation skills
  • being more outgoing and persuasive
  • closing core competencies gaps (however big, and whatever they are) quickly

Case Study Example

Client: Director of UK subs of US$11B Information Technology Corporation

Issue/s: Work/Life Balance, Career/Life Goals and Stress +517% Improvement

The clients ‘limiting behaviours’ were perceived as an impediment to faster career progression. He was often accused of being ‘arrogant and cold’, and had serious staff dissatisfaction and turnover concerns. Three main ‘themes’ emerged for this work:

  • Work / life balance - Work activity and time pressures left little opportunity for social life, beyond family commitments. How to accomplish more in less time - quality time at work and home? We moved through a process exploring John’s background (historical behavioural imprinting) to the ‘presenting issue’ of ‘to be more effective in what I do’. Besides bolstering self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief, we elicited John’s spatial coding for time (past/present/future) and worked through a sequence of timeline excursions to totally remove the ‘guilty feeling’ (disempowering negative emotion) root cause and collapse subsequent event emotions (gestalt), as a precursor to an immediate step-change shift in behaviour and improved results.
  • Career / life goals - Redefine / refocus choices and explore options for the future. Using a powerful well-proven framework based on what the world’s most successful goal achievers actually do to set, remain focused and achieve their goals, every time. A metaphor that emerged from this work was the "battleground I enjoy". We did some work with symbolic metaphor modelling to reshape his ‘limitations’ in the sense that he felt he had ‘squandered his career’, and should have progressed to higher levels faster, into a model that mirrored what he wanted to (and can!) become. One aspect of this was his difficulty of trying to communicate the business vision to his staff. Some rapid communications (rapport, body-language, sensory linguistics, empathy, etc) skills-transfer was in order, to begin shifting his strong task (60% now) vs people/relationship (40% now) behaviour (Blanchard) matrix, towards 70% people/30% task.
  • Stress –This issue evolved around lowering it’s impact, to enable John to work under optimal levels (eustress) of stress, energy and pressure. He noted he frequently lacked enthusiasm and energy, and wanted to become ‘high project energy’. We reviewed a number of techniques and installed ‘going to a quiet place’ by developing a rich mental environment (real or imaginary - being totally immersed overlapping seeing, hearing and feeling the total experience) and a trigger that can be fired off automatically whenever needed. Together with some deeper meditative and finer sensory (sub-modality) development work to intensify the experience. This is part of the journey to creating peak performance states – in business ‘flow’ (balancing challenge with skills) and being-in-the-zone (alert mind and centred body) in sport.

Also covered many other topics including improving John’s golf (mental game work on putting – visualisation, emotional mapping, confidence, etc.), photo (eidetic) reading (25 000 words/min), values, power, motivation, wealth creation and personal alignment. Major shifts were monitored during each working session, and confirmed by favourable changes in attitude and behaviour towards staff, and observed by fellow directors and HR.

Coaching time: 12 hours (4 sessions of 3 hours).

Results: Overall +517%.

Client self-rating on a scale of 0 to 10.

  • Work / life balance +500% (0 start to 5 end)
  • Career / life goals +250% (2 start to 7 end)
  • Stress +800% (0 start to 8 end)

Please contact us directly for more details and information.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.
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