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HR Director Coaching


A customised 1:1 or top-team skills-transfer programme from introducing the basics to the most advanced patterns, to satisfy individual requirements.

Our coaching is designed to ...

  • improve interviewing success rates
  • enhance coaching, counselling, career guidance and appraising skills
  • rapid personality profiling
  • build greater objectivity in disciplinary action, redundancy, early retirement and down-sizing interviews
  • win trust and harmony in conflict charged situations
  • expand own leadership skills and behavioural flexibility

Case Study Example

Client: Group HR Director & HR Manager. £1B plc. Multinational engineering firm

A customised introductory programme of practical NLP skills development to explore how NLP can be integrated into mainstream HR practices to enhance the effectiveness of; their selection model, interview behavioural event analysis, succession planning and handling of difficult personal and sensitive disciplinary issues.

The programme consisted of ...

  1. Introduction to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
    A definition of NLP. A brief history of NLP. A model of excellence in communications, learning, leadership and change.
  2. Setting and achieving empowering goals
    The empowering beliefs (presuppositions) of NLP. The what-if outcome frame and conditions for well-formedness (as an example complete your outcomes for this programme). Submodalities - coding of subjective experience. Logical levels and chunking. Eye accessing patterns.
  3. Rapport and representational systems
    Building rapport - matching and mirroring (and cross-over mirroring). Calibration - sensory awareness and acuity. Favoured representational system. Sensory predicates and phrases. Pacing and leading.
  4. Anchoring Recognising anchors.
    Naturally occurring anchors. Stacking, collapsing and chaining anchors.
  5. Language patterns
    The meta-model. Hearing, seeing and challenging meta-model violations.
  6. Alignment, integration and way forward
    Metaprogrammes. Strategies.

Coaching time: 12 hours (6 sessions of 2 hours)

Resources: Short descriptive summary fact-sheets and working examples for the topics covered, together with several recommended books for follow-up and reference were provided at cost.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.
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