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SUCCESS COACHING for top executives

For those chairman, presidents, CEO’s and MD’s who are already supremely successful, or desire to be more so our Chairman/CEO coaching will unlock potential to fully realise ‘the difference that makes a difference for even greater accomplishment.

Our coaching is designed to ...

  • enhance personal and professional effectiveness
  • act as an impartial sounding board
  • restore life-balance
  • make challenges more fulfilling
  • refocus business and life goals
  • increase energy and lower stress
  • enhance strategic leadership competencies
  • strengthen board commitment
  • harmonise key Chairman, CEO and Board relationships
  • bolster motivation
  • align personal mission, vision and values
  • accelerate culture change
  • and even improve your golf!

Case Study Example

Client: Group Chief Executive. £2B plc. Utility Firm

Issue/s: Taking leadership performance to the next level . . . +52% Improvement

A customised programme of proposed behavioural change topics were derived from a discussion of Michael’s (name changed to protect confidentiality) specific needs, that included;

  • Empowering Vision – develop a mental blueprint for successfully envisaging the future (next 1 and 3 years, and beyond). Michael found it difficult to ‘see’ a clear (at best fuzzy beyond a year, none at all in the far future) vision of the future. By reshaping the direction and trajectory of his spatial time coding, we were able to dramatically and immediately enhance his ability to create, at any time he wishes, a clear and bright vision as far into the future as he desired.
  • Confronting Director Underperformance – because of a strong collegiate board culture, Michael found enforcing accountability for non-performance extremely difficult to do, for fear of upsetting them. We devised a new pattern that enabled Michael to make the desired behaviour shift to address under-performing board members (often close friends, and without compromising friendship), and other executives. To deal effectively, empathetically, congruently and with confidence, and feel OK/comfortable about the interaction.
  • Quality Time and Space for Self – needed to devise a practical way to create a better work balance between self and others, as part of being a more effective time manager. His life/work balance is good, by “retreating into my own world”, plus supportive family, hobbies, regular exercise and active sport. Using a combination of the urgent/importance matrix, spatial time coding, values hierarchy and motivation strategy we successfully reshaped his time profile to improve his quality time management.
  • Focus and Concentration – Michael wanted to deepen this ability in a number of specific situations. There are several methods that will improve this capability, and much else (eg. accelerated learning, health and well-being). Besides getting enough rest! We worked with some short-term approaches based on visualisation, peripheral vision and symbolic metaphor, and some longer-term developmental methods using, autogenics, self-hypnosis and meditation.
  • This assignment also included work on Personal Values to enhance motivation, time management and performance, Reshaping his Life (symbolic) Metaphor to create greater resourcefulness, energy and inspiration, Body language skills to expand powers of influence and persuasion in one-to-one’s, meetings, negotiations, talks and press relations, and an enhanced Golf Mental Game to lower his scoring and handicap, and many other relevant client issues.

Coaching time: 30 hours (5 sessions of 6 hours).

Results: Overall +52%.

Client self-rating on a scale of 0 to 10.

  • Empowering Vision +29% (7 start to 9 end)
  • Confronting Director Underperformance +60% (5 start to 8 end)
  • Quality Time/Space for Self +50% (4 start to 6 end)
  • Focus/Concentration +67% (3 start to 5 end)

Please contact us directly for more details and information.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.
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