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Executive Coaching

For lasting step-changes in career, professional and personal growth


Presenter and Master Coach: David Norman

Proven 10 year track record successfully coaching hundreds of senior and top executives in blue chip firms

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

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Fee: TBA

Who should attend: chairmen, CEO's, directors, leaders, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, salespersons, professionals, or anyone seriously interested in their own, or others, personal and professional learning and development.

Talk objective: This talk will explain the critical success factors essential to success in business, relationships and life, and how you can effortlessly acquire them. It will specifically tell you HOW to boost motivation, build stronger relationships, be a more persuasive communicator, be a stronger leader, learn new skills quickly, change behaviour and enhance personal performance.

You will learn about the latest yet well proven advances in coaching that will enable you to quickly improve and maintain personal and team performance. As well as take on new challenges and roles with greater confidence, manage change more successfully, accelerate career growth and fulfil your true potential.

Topics we will cover:

  • Explain the DIFFERENCE between coaching and mentoring, therapy and counselling
  • Recognise the DISTINCTION between business, executive and life coaching
  • Learn how to become, and project, MORE of who you truly want to be
  • Understand how to BREAK old habits and learn new behaviours - quickly!
  • Learn how to get far better RESULTS in business, career, relationships, money and life
  • Sharpen-up your performance, learning, memory and motivational SKILLS
  • Get a firm grip on setting, maintaining focus and ACCOMPLISHING demanding goals
  • See how to detect and turnaround POTENTIAL career derailer personality traits
  • Feel what it's like to develop a WINNING mindset by boosting self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief
  • Handle unrelenting pressure and stress whilst remaining calm and in CONTROL
  • Gain valuable INSIGHTS into leading-edge inspirational leadership skills of decision-making, strategic visioning, stature and presence, network building and power

The talk will include a short PowerPoint presentation, a practical demonstration and learning exercise. You will receive a hard copy of the presentation to take away.


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After receipt of your completed provisional booking form prior to the event we will email you joining instructions giving details of the event, times, venue location/map and an invoice. Coffee will be available on arrival and water during the event.

Master Coach and Speaker: David Norman. Has a 10 year proven track record successfully coaching hundreds of senior and top executives in blue chip firms. Career in executive development, business strategy consulting and corporate positions. Degrees in psychology, business, engineering and economics. Made personal upskilling investment of US$100K in advanced coaching skills training. Internationally certified trainer and master practitioner of NLP. His book on 'next generation' executive coaching is due for publication in Autumn 2005.

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