Leadership FAST-TRAC - NEW!

Leadership FAST-TRAC Coaching

NEW Programme!

For top, senior and high-potential executives

This unique structured programme offers immediate step-changes in three core leadership characteristics. 1. Making big visions happen quickly, 2. Enhancing leadership stature and presence, and 3. Mobilising people to take action. Ten years in development, this programme will make a radical improvement in leadership performance, results and success. The programme is offered in 2 versions the 6 week FAST-TRAC programme and the 6 month FAST TRAC EXTRA extended programme.

Leadership FAST-TRAC Coaching

  1. VISION – Creating big visions and making them happen quickly. This involves creating and sharing an inspiring and empowering strategic vision. Leading change through setting challenging goals and balancing a big picture perspective with short-run performance demands.
  2. STATURE – Enhancing presence, gravitas and charisma – This means delivering passionately on your visionary promises. Adjusting, developing and projecting your desired inner self-image. Demonstrating integrity. Walking-the-talk by reinforcing personal congruency, aligning values and building total self-confidence/esteem/belief.
  3. MOBILISATION – Fostering commitment, relationships and collaboration. Getting buy-in through inspiration, influence and persuasion. Creating strong partnerships, teams and alliances. Fine-tuning communications capabilities in presenting, talks, negotiations, meetings and media. Boosting motivation and morale.

This 6 week programme consists of 6 half-day (4 hrs) working sessions each week.

Leadership FAST-TRAC EXTRA Coaching

  1. As for Leadership FAST-TRAC Coaching, PLUS a number of additional competencies and skills development chosen from; communications, energy, creativity and innovation, relationship conflict, power and politics, winning and competitiveness.

This 6 month (25 week) programme consists of 12 half-day (4 hrs) working sessions every two weeks.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.
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