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Sustained behaviour change is simple, fast and effective (and measurable!)! Mainstream professional opinion believes change is hard, difficult and takes a lot of time – or is even impossible! With a decade of proven experience our unique one-to-one and group coaching work is especially effective where you need to close behavioural competencies gaps quickly and effectively, or where senior and top executives understand what they need to change, learn or improve, and yet no matter how hard they try, are unable to change. We guarantee to empower them by expanding their behavioural flexibility, to get the changes, performance, focus, solutions, skills and results they (and their bosses) really want – quickly, practically, safely, effectively and confidentially!

Proven 10 Year Track Record - Successfully coaching hundreds of senior and top executives, in blue chip firms (and some of the world’s top sports personalities!), to successfully resolve just about any behaviour, relationship, habit or attitude problem, improve performance and results, and accelerate director, talent and leadership development, irrespective of personality, background, age, gender, career or industry.

Sustained Behaviour Changes - Are typically; step-change, accelerate learning, effective, fast, maintained over time, generative (learning-to-learn), progress is accurately measured, and it works as expected when applied back in the workplace!!! Unlike much coaching (or training for that matter)!!! However difficult, complex, emotional, or deeply embedded over time, the problems, challenges or gaps are, we would generally expect to complete turnaround or performance coaching for example, in just a few hours!!!

Match Client Needs - We address a wide range of specialist professional coaching needs - see descriptions with typical case studies. From Top Executive Coaching for; Chairman/CEO/MD, Directors/VP's and HR Directors. Senior Executive Coaching for; Leadership, Development, Performance, Behaviour Change, Relationship, Pressure/Stress, Life/Work Balance, Turnaround, 'Coach of Last Resort', Retirement and Outplacement Coaching. Talent/High-Potential Coaching with; Career/Life Coaching and Intra/Entrepreneurial Coaching. We also offer; Board, Team and Group Coaching. As well as In-Company Coaching Skills Training for; Train-the-Internal Coach and Leader/Manager as Coach and Open Coaching Skills Development Courses

Case Studies – detailed examples are used to demonstrate proven results for many of the coaching styles and workshop topics. Further, they illustrate the range of issues and measured (and in many cases, dramatic step-changes in) performance improvement achieved.

Psychotherapy, Sports and Golf Psychology Make a Difference - We define coaching as future-directed, and therapy as past-directed. We sometimes find issues in a clients past can block or impede coaching progress. Having been highly trained, skilled and experienced in advanced psychotherapy techniques we can deal successfully with sensitive emotional, relationship and personal issues where relevant. We also find that sports psychology to improve a clients sports/hobby performance, or lower golf handicaps using golf psychology, and demonstrate it's direct relevance to business, is a quick way to demonstrate the power, motivation and effectiveness of this approach.

You Can Expect Exceptional Results - In changing or resolving; deeply engrained habits, closing behavioural competencies gaps, building stronger relationships, controlling emotions, lowering stress, resolving conflict, big picture visioning, aligning values, boosting motivation, building self-confidence and self-esteem, enhancing performance, achieving demanding goals, as well as developing valuable leadership, accelerated learning, advanced communications and change management skills.

All Behavioural Competencies – We are competent in dovetailing into, and closing gaps, in any; psychometric test, personality profile, 360-degree feedback, competencies framework, key performance indicator, or personal development plan. Our step-change work typically follows on from where most other expert’s abilities sharply taper off (or their change efforts fail!). Our unique work aims to fulfil (or even go beyond fulfilling!) potential.

We have experience working with different personalities, functions and levels, from: Chairman, CEOs, directors, VPs, general managers, HR directors and function heads, to high-potential (accelerated development or stalled fast-track) executives.

For a deeper understanding and insights into the unique LDX Accelerated Solution-Focused Executive Coaching, then go ahead and download, printcopy or just review the LDX PowerPoint presentation on Executive Coaching.

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